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#21earlydays - Part III

There are two tools that really help me wake up early in the morning right away without any hesitation.

One of them is a light-based alarm clock that illuminates mildly at a set time without producing any sound. As I have mentioned in my previous post, nothing is more important than maintaining good mental condition before and after waking up early in the morning. If we don't wake up in a good condition, we would just turn the alarm clock off then keep sleeping. From it, a vicious circle of a day would originate. The dimming light source from the clock can send a vivid signal to the brain through our eyes as if the desktop's operating system wakes up from the sleep mode by slightly touching the mouse or any keys. Then, our brains begin to study input by analyzing signals.

There are many alarm applications in the app store and I've tried many for years. It's like trial and error. The best choice is "Alarmy" because I can turn off the app's alarm sound only after I solve a quiz, do the math, or take a picture that matches exactly what I saved in the application. One of the functions of this app is I can set the photo option with the image that I saved, for example, the mirror in my bathroom. It leads me straight to the bathroom and I smile to start and have a good day. Furthermore, the app prevents users from changing any settings within 600 minutes of the time we originally set up, which is more effective and important than the other functions, given that we get at least 7 hours to change the setup.

With the help of those tools, I have been starting my day at 4:30 a.m. for two years without missing a day.


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