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Art of getting complete flow; Avatar

Updated: May 18, 2023

When we get to work and do a job that requires a few hours of complete focus, what tools could help us improve our resistance and eventually complete complex tasks? Of all the tools I've tried, wearing an earplug really works and I stick to this method every time I make a computer program or do self-study unless I have to respond through sound.

Have you ever watched the movie "Avatar"? And have you seen the main human character who connects himself to his avatar in a capsule? Once he gets linked to his avatar, it is prompted that starts living a different life according to the avatar's intention and cognitive system. I am referring to this process in the context of getting our avatar by wearing an earplug, which seems to separate our soul from our body.

Believe it or not, I worked full-time, took care of my child, and had disabilities due to surgery, moreover, my major and professional background was completely different from accounting and finance, but I passed the CPA exam within one year with this method.



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