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Becoming rich within a certain time period

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

When it comes to becoming rich within a certain time period, is it always better to work full-time than part-time? If the ball is in my court, I would rather be a part-timer for that goal unless the full-time workers get paid far more than a part-timer because being a part-timer has several perks.

First, part-timers are equivalent to freelancers in that we can take time to learn about the trade and create content with it. By learning how to invest with the extra time, it allows us to enrich our bank accounts. On the contrary, 9 hours of work a day can easily tire us out, which becomes repetitive and unchallenging.

The more free time we have, the more likely we become a successful self-employed person who is not afraid to be fired or put on retirement by the company.


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