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Beginning of being a rich person

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

The beginning of being a rich person comes from the belief that we can become such a person. We may hate some rich people but not their wealth. It's not always true that having such a belief can make someone rich, all the same being distrustful won't either. I believe that kind of mindset can make us rich.

I love the phrase, "Do you know how a chick makes the first flight successfully? It comes from the belief that it can certainly fly." Even chicks rush into uncertainty even though they can't make the first flight as smoothly as their parents. A chick may die in flight due to failure or unfortunate circumstances, but it never crawls on the ground like an insect.

We have our own wings from birth. Growing up, someone might say you won't be able to fly but don't listen to them, treat them as manipulative trifles that temporarily hover around you to confirm your tolerance, and soon disappear.


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