Blue-Chip Stocks by Big Data

I have paid memberships for a few stock advisory sites and have gathered each score - Wall St. analyst, Quant, and experienced authors and financials - more than 50 kinds into my machine learning system for S&P 500 stocks. With the gathering, I could analyze which score would practically be associated with the actual gain. By adjusting the bar on the top right side, we can refer to the most promising tickers to go in. Here is the step to get it:

<1> Select the date

<2> Check the scores heading to upturn on the scatter plots

<3> Adjust the score bar only for <2> (i.g. 'Quant Score' and 'Momentum_Grade_score')

<4> Get the filtered tickers

<5> Finally check financials for <4> by placing your mouse over the 'Rank of 6M_perf' on the bottom right chart

The relative ranks out of 500 tickers are marked on the tooltip of the colorful bars. This will be updated automatically by my machine every Monday to Friday when the US stock market opens. Link:

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