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Form 8822 (Change of Address)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Refund checks sent by IRS or state government can get lost and, in the worst case, can be cashed out by someone else even though they are electronically filed and selected the option to directly deposit it to a bank account if it is not the most recent tax refund, such as refunds in 2018, 2017, or 2016.

To avoid this from happening, we need to file Form 8822 (Change of Address) at least 60 days before moving in. If you search Google, there are many posts, including those on the IRS official website about how to get the form, how to fill it out, and where to send it. You can also refer to the sample below. (1) How to get the form:

(2) What to describe:

(3) Where to send:


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