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According to saying, we come across three important people who significantly influence our fate. In fact, there's always been a genuine advisor who plays an important role in every successful person in history. It is very difficult to recognize them in the first place because we can only judge a person after quite some time. At first, we may doubt, over-trust, think ill of, or even kick them out even though they may eventually be the right person brought us by our guardian angel as an answer to years of prayers at that very moment.

We run into various kinds of people on social networking sites or on the street. The kind of people that I am easily attracted to are those who are neat, gentle, and refined. Besides, if they have a good sense of humor, they are more likely to affect my fate. I easily open my arms and approach them, then I finally start to say "Hi". Indeed, the first impression we make based on one's appearance is undeniably an important factor, given the fact that the most successful content creators deliver intuitive messages through visually appealing posts, as we live in a fast-paced society associated with cutting-edge technologies.

However, it is the process of building an unexpected relationship with someone who is not in a common space for a certain amount of time as a colleague. There is no doubt that communicating with colleagues and classmates without misleading them is the only way we can evaluate them as genuine influencers. We should take advantage of time and keep studying to be knowledgeable enough to distinguish such people in the meantime.


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