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IRS Refund Check - Missing?

Sean: How did it go with your tax refund status? Have you received it?

Kira: Not yet. My CPA electronically filed it to IRS about three months ago, and I checked the refund status from as "Refund check issued and sent". That was 4 weeks ago from now. My CPA answered that the check's probably missing so they asked me to pay another fee for the charge of additional professional service regarding the check re-issue process. This is really frustrating.

Sean: You can simply ask IRS to reissue your refund check either by calling IRS or by filling out the form and send it out to the mailing address.

(1) IRS Call (800-829-1040 (Ext. 1 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 2 > 2 > 4) )

1) They will check whether the issued check has been cashed or not. If it's already cashed out, you need to visit your bank with your photo ID and information - the refund amount number with the expected issued date.

2) Otherwise, there is no reason not to reissue your check. In addition, if IRS received the returned mail having the issued check, they will immediately reissue your check to your new address.

3) It is important to update your current address correctly. IRS corresponds to you with the address you have mentioned in case of any additional process such as tax auditing for the year's tax return. FYR, you can put your new address on your tax return for next year. IRS can then recognize the current address and apply it to all your previous year's tax returns as well.

Changing your address again within a few months may lead to fraudulent misunderstandings by IRS agents and may block your account.

(2) DIY (You can do it yourself.)

1) Download the form:

2) Fill out by referring to the example below.

3) Mail out to the address per your location:,Atlanta%2C%20GA%203991%2D0002.

If you choose (1), you can get the re-issued check within 6 weeks timeframe, and for (2), within 8 weeks after you mail it out.


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