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#21earlydays - Part I

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Waking up early used to be a lifelong challenge. Because I am really happy when I read a book or plan a day at a cafe early in the morning before I kick work off. I know that writing in a diary book makes me happy. My happiness triples when my routine is done early in the morning.

Of all the ways I've ever tried to finally become an early bird, the most important thing is to stay away from our mobile devices starting 10 pm and do something else such as reading books, resting on the couch, chatting with significant others, doing nothing is still better than using phones.

If you stay up until midnight to get comfort from it because of your crazy boss or unpleasant colleagues and it lures you to drink alcohol or stress eating, you can not make it at all. Loneliness, stress that might reoccur the next day, and being obsessed with uncertainties always makes us become emotional especially at night.

Since getting at least seven hours of sleep is the basic key and certainly the first step to achieving the goal, we should find our own way to counter those feelings.


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