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#21earlydays - Part II

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As I figured out, the effective ways to relax and ease your mind at night before going to bed are as follows:

(1) Cardio exercise for 30 minutes such as cycling, running, rowing, swimming, but not hiking. We need to get a runner's high through these activities which trigger adrenaline in the brain. We are consequently able to see ourselves with the help of hormones and also exhaust the extra energy that might otherwise be used by our minds to wander at night.

(2) Have a cup of herbal tea. A decent herb tea makes our body detoxicated and relieves stress considerably. To top it off, it reduces appetite as our stomach starts to swell up with lukewarm tea. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Getting our body recovered from non-organic food consumption and making us feel good with the aroma of authentic tea in every sip. Feeling good especially at bedtime is truly important and there is no doubt that it is a prerequisite to be an early bird.

(3) Feel the analog. I am pretty much sure that once you grab a fountain pen, the magic begins. You will find yourself doing something creative like planning a goal or drawing cartoons or lines. Trust me, you will start believing in yourself with this abstract behavior. Your sloppy handwriting/drawing will bring you extreme happiness when you see your work at a glance early the next morning. If you write about your daily life, you will surely follow your consciousness.


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