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Reading books

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We can get several perks from reading books. Stating of the best two benefits among those,

(1) Stress reliever

While holding a book with one hand and turning the page with the other hand, we feel cozy as we touch the paper made from a tree, which is a natural material. Of course, our body is more familiar with natural substances than chemically produced substances, such as plastics. Old books usually have an aged scent of their own, so I love to stay in a used book store for hours to feel those ages in the atmosphere. I can spontaneously ease my mind and finally relieve the accumulated stress in the meantime.

(2) Short meditation

When I read a book, I usually wear earplugs to block outside noise and focus well on the book. As soon as I start reading, I get surrounded by letters that go on while my eyes are on each sentence line. The brain is then vividly activated and begins to filter out the information and store it as knowledge. However, an important detail is unconsciously created between these two processes. That is, I mirror my past to have the information filtered as valuable as possible. Reading could help me recall my past experiences and it enables my mind to spontaneously relax by giving off a particular wave pattern that brings a lot of energy and awareness of the body which gives me a fresh start.

In addition, we could refrain from committing the same mistake again in terms of finding the right people like friends or a lifetime partner. It also helps us seek different perspectives at various viewpoints, in-depth decision-making in life, and finally improves resilience, consistency, and so forth.


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