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Reminder, "shell:startup"

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

There are many tools that remind us of our plans and goals on our desktop or mobile devices.

The most common tool associated with Gmail would be the google calendar, which can be compatible for both our desktop and mobile devices. If we place certain applications in the Startup folder, such as mind maps, Google Keeps, and the front page of Google Chrome, we can easily remind ourselves of our initiatives each time when Windows boots up.

Writing notes and diaries is not enough unless we review them often and get feedback from our past selves. Although this may be trivial, it will really help us track our initiatives.

Tips: Push the Windows Key + R and then type, "shell:AppsFolder" to find existing applications and type, "shell:startup" to place our picks in the startup folder by drag & drop. You are all set. 


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