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We all love a smile on our faces.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There are many ways to relieve our stress and, after all, maintain a positive mindset as always. For example, I used to be with a small stone in my right pocket almost every day. It reminded me of resetting my mind to be positive once I unconsciously touched the stone during a day as if we are re-motivated when we look at the quote posted on the bulletin board. However, I used to feel nervous and unprepared whenever I missed the ritual, which means that the stone was not just ordinary but had already developed to a certain level of spirituality.

Like the placebo effect, this can be a good opener for the goal, and we can eventually get free from the tool - a little stone and seize the day with the mindset. Another example is when we activate the engine in a car, we need a sparkplug to ignite the gasoline in the cylinder with its spark. It then forms internal pressure that causes the engine to move. Whenever the engine accidentally switches off, the entire process automatically begins with a sparkplug. In the same line, once the stone triggers, my consciousness tries to maintain and share a good mindset with significant others.

If you are keen to follow this method and in dire need of your own little piece to get, I recommend visiting a meaningful place where you can clearly think of your pure souls, such as the elementary school or kindergarten. For me, it's the army camp. Although the service period as a soldier was never easy and sometimes tortured me, it helped me grow as a human being. We can purely see and understand ourselves when we are in danger or crisis. Wherever your way is, there is no doubt that we all love a smile on our faces.


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